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Nina Croft, Break Out (Dark Desires) [A]

He cocked his head to one side, listening for the sound of the mob, judging its distance. His pursuers would be on him soon. Tannis had better get unbusy and fast. 

“Tannis, stop whatever it is you’re doing, bring my goddamn spaceship, and pick me up.”

She was silent for a moment. “I’ll think about it.”

Such were the conversations between the into-himself vampire with swagger, Rico, and his sidekick, captain of his spacefaring vessel, Tannis. Croft has loads of fun with her intimidating characters with a heart. For me, idiosyncrasies in the characters and their dialogue is the best kind of humor. It entertains, rather than overwhelms.

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Sharon Lynn Fisher, Ghost Planet [A]

“Elizabeth?” He raised his dark eyebrows, and my gaze locked on his startling eyes. Piercing, round, and the lightest shade of blue, like sky behind a veil of cloud—-clean cloud, not the brown smudges that passed for clouds back on Earth. Something about him tugged at my memory, but I found this the opposite of reassuring. Continue reading