Jackie Barbosa, Can’t Take The Heat [A]

Delaney looked at Wes, the expression on her face unfamiliar, but instantly recognizable.


That look shredded his heart, because if there was one thing Delaney Monroe had never been, it was helpless. He’d never known anyone more capable of taking care of herself. Being strapped to all these machines, unsure of how she’d come to be here or what was happening, had to be the worst kind of hell imaginable for someone so determinedly self-sufficient.

What I like about this excerpt is the respect shown by the hero for the character of his heroine.

Memorial fund for Jackie’s sixteen year old son:  http://theseasonforromance.com/wordpress/2014/03/julian-fraire-memorial-fund-author-jackie-barbosas-son-2/

Jackie Barbosa’s Website: http://www.jackiebarbosa.com/

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