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Cassie Mae, How To Date A Nerd [YA]

Rules of keeping your popular rep:

. . . And number five, never ever reveal you collect Star Wars memorabilia, you know every line to Lord of the Rings, and you actually know the birthdates of all the Harry Potter cast members.

Yeah. I’m a total closeted nerd.

I’m not cool with pity glares in the hallways, painful jabs, and social scars. No thanks. It’s much easier to keep my true nature hidden beneath layers of eyeliner, skimpy outfits, and even I must admit to myself, a rockin’ body.

Pretty obvious, the voice of our character. The nerdish long sentences punctuated with short phrases, as if she’s speaking right to the reader. Clusters of hurtful reasoning—the logic behind her angst at not fitting in as herself.

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