Kapernick kneeling

#KeepTheKnee #TakeTheKnee #TakeAKnee “It may appear that the approval of spectators, or referees, is required in determining a winner. However, it is simply the case that if the players do not agree on a winner, the game has not come to a decisive conclusion.” FINITE AND INFINITE GAMESKapernick kneeling

Sorry, folks. I have not been posting my evals on romance book voices, but I’m posting this photo here because Buffer (or Twitter?) would not let me post it directly from google images.

As a romance writer, a writer of speculative fiction that focuses on character development, I am now a black man from Atlanta, a former Navy SEAL and a firefighter by the name of Cameron Young. In my NANOWRIMO (JUST ONE LITTLE DROP OF BLACK (not yet published)) Cam stands with all those who patriotically kneel to show support for all those living in this society who are treated like second class citizens because they happen to have more melanin in their skin than someone else.

I know the prejudice goes deeper than I’ve described. How do I know? Because I’m female, and as a scientist. I have lived as the only woman in a man’s world. I know because I am the most dreaded of humans—I’m creative. That means I can see from many points of view (including my deep POV of my characters). It’s just too comfortable for many of us to hold one viewpoint, to be content in that. And facing a person who wants to engage in a multitude of ways (scientific invention or acting or painting or writing or other ideas) can be seen as quite frightening to some.

First, what does the above quote from FINITE AND INFINITE GAMES mean? It means that in a finite game (where there are winners and losers) that it is the players that decide who wins and who loses. What this might mean is if the managers or anyone else in society tries to tell the players how they must play to win (keep their jobs) that they will be on the losing end. It is the players that determine everything as long as  winning or losing is important to everyone else.

I’ve always felt that us idle folk don’t have the right to tell people—whose one goal in life is to entertain us at bodily risk–what they can and cannot do. The fact that most of those abused entertainers are of color, and they are forbidden to take their First Amendment rights of free speech, is another important issue.

The first point I make is about who we are. The second point is who they are.

I’m considering using this blog to evaluate SFRs (science fiction romances). At RT (romantic times conference 2018 in Reno) I sat on my hotel room bed and read back cover blurbs and first pages of all the free books i received. I only accepted two of them, where the writing was exceptional. I’m now almost finished with an addiction to one of them, and looking forward to reading other books by this author.

Stay tuned.