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Jade Lee, The Devil’s Bargain[A]

“Is this my bedroom alone? Or do I share it?”

She detected a slight lift to his lips, but his eyes remained remote, his tone distant. “It is yours alone.” Then he gestured to a doorway half hidden in shadow beside the bedpost. “That leads to my bed chamber. I will thank you to knock before entering.”

She stiffened, turning to him in shock. “I shall not enter at all, sir! I am to be married, and I shall enter that state with my purity and my honor intact.”

This time he did smile, though the expression seemed cold. He stepped into the room, folding his arms across his chest as he leaned negligently against the bedpost. “Your honor is not my concern. Your purity, however, shall be grossly torn by even the most lax standards.”

Lee characterizes a young pious woman, whose father has died, leaving her penniless, to be sexually trained and married to the highest bidder. This passage sends more chills down my spine than most horror stories. Undeniably, this novel is my favorite historical romance.

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Howard Fast, The Edge of Tomorrow, The Sight of Eden [YA, A]

They were in orbit, and it was over. They had crossed the void, leaped all the gaps of time and imagination, and bridged the unbridgeable, and they had been through the seven fires of hell. They were sane, although they had touched all the fringes of insanity. Continue reading