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Lisa Kessler, Hunter’s Moon [A]

Pain burst through my gut, setting my entire side on fire. Dammit! The slimy little bastard had stabbed me.

I pressed him against the wall, forcing myself not to loosen my grip. Fear crept back into his eyes when I didn’t let him go. I held him up with one arm and pulled his knife out of my side with the other.

His eyes opened wide. “What the hell are you?”

Using both hands I threw him across the alley, his skull crunching against the bricks. He hit the ground like a rag doll while I clutched the new hole in my side.

“I’m a wolf, asshole.”

What I love. A character with attitude.

Using first person, Kessler gets us deep into her nasty Werewolf character. We may not like this hero, at first, but we can’t look away. Such are train-wreck events. Like Jamie Dornan (the new Christian Grey) in The Fall. He’s mucho creepy but we can’t get enough of him.

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Nina Croft, Break Out (Dark Desires) [A]

He cocked his head to one side, listening for the sound of the mob, judging its distance. His pursuers would be on him soon. Tannis had better get unbusy and fast. 

“Tannis, stop whatever it is you’re doing, bring my goddamn spaceship, and pick me up.”

She was silent for a moment. “I’ll think about it.”

Such were the conversations between the into-himself vampire with swagger, Rico, and his sidekick, captain of his spacefaring vessel, Tannis. Croft has loads of fun with her intimidating characters with a heart. For me, idiosyncrasies in the characters and their dialogue is the best kind of humor. It entertains, rather than overwhelms.

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Lori Brighton, Wild Heart [A]

His eyes narrowed into slits and his nostrils flared, his breath a soft whisper as he inhaled deeply. Slowly, he moved around her as if she were prey and he the hunter. He stepped close, too close. With his chest hot to her back, his essence seeped into her skin. His fingers brushed her nape, wrapped around a loose lock, and the fine hairs on her neck stood on end. 

 I had much trouble choosing an excerpt from this adult, paranormal/historical romance. Brighton engages the reader throughout. A young psychic woman is contracted as governess to the hero who is wild from some jungle trauma, but he’s soon to inherit a dukedome.  Great conflict and sexual tension. 

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Sharon Lynn Fisher, Ghost Planet [A]

“Elizabeth?” He raised his dark eyebrows, and my gaze locked on his startling eyes. Piercing, round, and the lightest shade of blue, like sky behind a veil of cloud—-clean cloud, not the brown smudges that passed for clouds back on Earth. Something about him tugged at my memory, but I found this the opposite of reassuring. Continue reading

Gena Showalter, Playing With Fire [A]

The day began normally enough. Translation: I rolled out of bed thirty minutes late, rushed through a shower and hurriedly dressed in the standard black slacks and white button-up top every Utopia Cafe employee is required to wear. Unlike the other employees, I left the top three buttons of my shirt undone, revealing hints of the white lace (push-up) bra I wore underneath. Don’t judge. Some people are mammarily challenged and need a little boost. Anyway, if I showed a little cleavage my pervert boss wouldn’t care that I was late. Again.

Notice Showalter’s voice. She lets her character grab us with her opinionated humor. The strong main character has her own take on the world and amuses us throughout with her unique reactions to a series of events that befall her.

This technique of deep POV illustrates clearly how a POV character can intimately narrate their own story, thus tempting the reader into it.

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